Massage Services


Traditional Thai Massage
Herbal Heat Compress
Foot Reflexology

2 Hours $175


Deep Tissue Massage
Hot Stone Treatment
Herbal Heat Compress

2 Hours $160


Swedish Massage
Mini Facial Treatment
Hand & Foot Treatment

2 Hours $150

Hawaiian Islander

Lomi Lomi Massage
Revitalizing Body Scrub
Foot Treatment

2 Hours $150

Practice spa joy package

This service shares wellness experience for you, family and friends to be basic professionals and enjoy at-home massages. Learning this can make you feel relaxed, loving and caring for one another. A grateful opportunity of time to share with people you love,enjoy being around.
Unvertinaly in the world you can destroy ailments in your body by starting to make happiness caring for yourself and those around you . This is the beginning of creating a world of peace by Thaibanyan wellness caring.

We are Offering
Should one you love ❤️‍🩹

🌸 Swedish ~ lomi lomi Warm stone
🌸Steam ~ Exfoliating
🌸Press Point ~ Thai yoga
🌸 Thai Dr. Foot
🌸 Nature Herb Compress
🌸 Thai Massage Technician
🌸 Hawaii Mindfulness

Couple 4 hr. $488


Thai Banyan Massage Services

Massage Services


Thai Banyan’s signature service offers both Northern and Southern traditional Thai Massage. The session utilizes stretching, flexing and compression techniques. Northern Thai Massage includes stretching with a slow and relaxing rhythm and Southern Thai Massage includes firm acupressure and vigorous energy line work. 

$65.00/60 Min. • $95.00/90 Min.

Massage Services


combination Massage there is a Thai massage with acupressure along the muscle lines and stretching, bending, as well as walking behind the customer and the therapist can control the weight. Then an oil massage is included. Will relax softly in the form of 2 in 1 full body, which is the most popular in the massage industry.

$65.00/60 Min. • $95.00/90 Min.

Massage Services


Thai Banyan’s Couples Massage can be enjoyed by a couple, friends or family members. Two people share the Thai Banyan massage experience while occupying the same room. Talk, laugh, sleep or just relax with one another while enjoying the Hot Stone, Herbal Compress or Stretching Massage.
$130.00/60 Min. • $190.00/90 Min.

Massage Services

Swedish Massage

also known as the classic massage technique is a gentle comfortable massage which improves blood circulation. It also promotes relaxation from a stressful work environment by releasing body tension, adjusting muscle flexibility and adjusting hormones for good. The aroma of your choice and the beautiful music makes you feel calm during the massage and refreshed after the massage which helps you sleep better.

In addition to the Swedish massage to stimulate the nervous system, it also nourishes hair follicles, improves complexion and relieves physical and emotional tension. Swedish techniques softness increases the flow of oxygen into the bloodstream and lymph nodes. This will help flush lactic and uric acid from your body. It’s the power that makes you smile in every season of your life.

Of course, we all have our personal preferences. But overall Swedish massage is gentler than deep tissue massage and is suitable for those who are new to massage who have a lot of tension and sensitive to the touch and want to pamper themselves or relax their body and mind.

$65.00/60 Min. • $95.00/90 Min.

Massage Services

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage techniques are used to break up scar tissue and physically break down muscle “knots” or adhesions (bands of painful, rigid tissue) that can disrupt circulation and cause pain, limited range of motion, and inflammation.

At the beginning of deep tissue massage, general pressure is applied to the muscles.
Pressure is used by sliding deep down the length of the muscle fibers using the elbow, forearm, knuckles, and thumbs.
Friction pressure is used to loosen muscle grip and adjust tissue fibers to reduce inflammation and remove tension.

These techniques may be applied to the fingertips, knuckles, hands, elbows and forearms during a deep tissue massage. Massage applied with the rhythm of breathing can be combined with sports massage and deep pressure alternating with a relaxation rhythm depending on your physical condition. If you have a muscle injury from exercise it can help improve flexibility and can be an effective pain relief for tension.

After the massage, you may feel some tension or pain. But it will disappear within 1-2 days, depending on the physical condition and technique. It is recommended to rest and drink plenty of water to help flush metabolic waste from tissues. Take a cold shower then adjust the temperature to warm.

$65.00/60 Min. • $95.00/90 Min.

Massage Services

herbal steam

• Helps relieve symptoms of colds and stuffy nose
• Helps relieve chronic asthma symptoms, causing the lungs to expand well for free breathing, more flexible, not uncomfortable
• Helps reduce high blood pressure because the blood vessels will expand, making the blood flow more easily. The lymphatic system is improved it destroys pathogenic bacteria on the skin and in the breath, mouth, eyes, ears, scalp, hair and some parts of the body helping the skin to be more radiant, adjust the muscle system to relax from stress, reduce pain from accidents and from exercise
• Helps to feel refreshed energetic, concentrated, calmer and better sleep quality.

$65.00/60 Min. • $95.00/90 Min.


Pregnancy Massage

Also known as Prenatal Massage. Due to pregnancy, women can experience pain in the lower back and swollen ankles, especially in the later months, because of the weight of the baby in the womb. They may also become more emotionally unstable, which affects the body and mind—the mother and the fetus in the womb. Conscious massage therapy is of paramount importance. Before the massage, pillows will be placed to assist the customer to lie on her side, making sure that her position is comfortable. This is a safe method by a trained and experienced massage therapist woman, who modifies techniques during the massage and avoids certain areas. She controls the massage intensity with attentive asking throughout the massage, carefully adjusting to the client’s body while in contact with the client.


Massage Services

Hot Stone Massage

first steps is to mix warm stones with aromatic fragrances using rock percussion. This is like a trace of stone therapy.  Being relaxed and infused with the warmth of minerals combined with a type of massage therapy.  To help you relax tight muscles and reach the soft tissues throughout your body.  Flat and warm stones are placed in different parts of the body
· along your spine
· on your belly
· on your chest
· on your face
· on your palm
· under your neck

Additionally, the massage therapist may hold a warm stone during the massage and use Swedish massage techniques or other massage techniques to massage using a stone to press and swipe along the muscles.  Some areas of the body are used to press down and make a circular motion of the body, especially the shoulders, chest, around the navel, shoulder blades, buttocks, hips, calves, calves, slowly and continuously. Alternating the sides of the stone makes you feel the weight and the warmth of the stone at the same time. Sometimes one hand uses a stone while together the other hand massaged. The part of your body that hurts will be treated with special care.  And after relaxing with hot stones, you can choose additional cold stones which alternates to adjust the condition of the elements to make your body feel like it’s receiving a 2 in 1 bonus in life at the same time.

$65.00/60 Min. • $95.00/90 Min.

Massage Services

Body Scrub

Desquamation is a natural process in human skin where skin cells are created, peeled off then replaced. Each layer plays a role in the destruction and regeneration of new cells all at the same time. Livelihood, food, conditions, air pollution and many other factors such as dry skin, cracked skin, dust particles attached to the skin. This is what comes off from a body scrub. Due to the deterioration of the skin cells and clogging of the pores of the skin that cause skin disease or skin inflammation, removal of skin cells are helpful to keep skin clean and allow moisturizers to better be absorbed into the skin preventing clogging of skin diseases such as acne, etc. Regular use of scrubs will help prevent pores from becoming clogged. This will make your skin smoother and more evenly radiant. When dry skin is not removed it makes the skin rough to the touch and has dull and cracked texture. So removing of the dead and dry cells will make your skin smoother and fresher.

The steps Thai Banyan takes care of you are as follows:

• Take a shower to cleanse the body
• Steam to open pores
• Exfoliates by applying sugar or salt including all natural jojoba oil and vitamin E it deeply moisturizes adding suppleness and radiance rejuvenated (salt, sugar, natural)
• While you initially lay in the bed, the therapist will use a stone to polish the hard and frustration out of the heel. Then use the fingertips with the product to drive by using fingers, palms or hands to scrub.
Following your body using both hands. With meticulous techniques and experience, using warm water to moisten the skin with special care for the waves of the skin.
• After exfoliation, you take a shower with cold water to close the pores.

Then you will be treated with a massage with Body Butter which is a nourishing fine mixture with milk. It’ll be an experience that is worthwhile in the life you choose, warm, relaxing, peaceful that you give to yourself and those you care about.

$70.00/60 Min. • $100.00/90 Min.

Massage Services

Organic facials

are beneficial for all skin types. But especially suitable for sensitive skin. Natural products won’t irritate or dry out your skin like other products. If you have sensitive skin, there is no better way to pamper your skin other than with a periodic organic facial so that you will have a bright, youthful looking skin.

$70.00/60 Min. • $100.00/90 Min.

Massage Services

Hawaii Mu

Lomilomi is a traditional Hawaiian massage that uses the chanting element technique of massage and practice of breathing massage techniques applied from Hawaiian dance, which is a combination of sea waves and wind energy. Believing that it will restore energy and soothe the body.
It is also known as ‘Massage with love’ (Merciful, Kind, Pleasure, Loving ) The massage works gently but deeply into the muscles in a continuous rhythm from top to bottom and bottom to top, in succession. To make the recipient feel relaxed and feel nourished to the healing spirit of the sea, waves and the wind.

LomiLomi works from the belief that memories are not stored only in the brain and mind but also in every cell of the human body. Long-lasting massages are designed to help the body let go of old patterns and behaviors. This can cause as much stress and strain as muscle tension.

‘Lomilomi’ means ‘to rub’ in Hawaiian and reflects the wide flowing strokes made with the therapists fingers, thumbs, palms, arms, and elbows

Many believe that the healing art of Lomilomi was brought to Hawaii by early Polynesian settlers. While for others Lomilomi’s healing art is believed to have been inherited from ancient Hawaii and the mystical land of Mu. Hawaiian Lomilomi massage can be called a Kahuna exercise.

Benefits of Lomilomi Massage

Lomilomi aims to maintain ones body and mind and is thought to
~Relieve stress and anxiety.
~Help blood and lymph flow to eliminate waste and cleanse toxins.
~ Rejuvenate the body and soul bringing peace, harmony and well-being to oneself and others and nature.

$65.00/60 Min. • $95.00/90 Min.

Massage Services

Shiatsu Massage

This uniquely calming massage offers rhythmic slow pressure which increases your body’s response to detoxification. This Thai Banyan massage promotes relaxation and calmness which tends to put clients to sleep.

$65.00/60 Min. • $95.00/90 Min.

Massage Services
Massage Services

What Is the Difference Between Microblading and Microshading?
The main difference between microblading vs microshading is in the look, but there’s also the difference in the technique, longevity, and who they’re meant for.
The Look
Microblading looks completely natural, like your brows are naturally dense, while microshading looks like you’re wearing brow powder. It’s a bit more obvious but not as dramatic as powder brows.

🌺Ombré price $450 1 free touch up after 6 weeks

Ombre brows, also known as Powdered Brows, are a semi-permanent eyebrow styling technique that creates a soft shaded brow pencil look. This amazing technique, first developed in Asia, has been around for decades and has been gradually improving over the years. It gives great definition & depth to the eyebrows. It is particularly recommended for women with oily skin or combination skin or anyone who fills in their brows regularly with pencil or shadow.

🌸MICROBLADING $480 1 free touch up after 6 weeks

Microblading is a form of a cosmetic semi-permanent makeup performed using, a manual (not a machine) disposable handheld tool, composed with very fine needles resembling the shape of a blade (we call it a microblade), to hand draw each individual hair and simultaneously implant the pigment into the skin.

Massage Services
Massage Services

👄✨What is permanent lip liner?
Permanent lip liner is simply a gentle form of tattoo that is placed on the lips in order to make lips look fuller, younger, luscious, more symmetrical, better defined as well as slightly more pigmented. This amazing technique means you will no longer have to worry about dry lips and color coming off when you kiss, eat, drink, or sleep.

Benefits of Permanent Lip Makeup Tattoos
Permanent Lip Liner lasts long
Permanent lip liner generally lasts for 3-5 years or longer, before a touch-up is needed to refresh the shape and color.
“Depending on the depth of color and the amount of pigment used, it can generally last three to five years without requiring any retouching,” says Amy Jean, founder of Amy Jean Brow Agency as well as beauty vlogger Chloe Morello’s go-to girl for her own lip tattoos.